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RTU Support Steel

RTU Curbs, or Rooftop Unit Curbs, refer to the steel structures that support new air conditioner systems on building roofs. Often, during initial construction, architects or engineers may not anticipate the future air conditioning needs of a space or in a shell build may not even know what the final tenant will need. Consequently, when remodeling occurs, new support steel must be installed to properly bear the additional weight of the new units and their curbs. In Florida, building codes also mandate that anything affixed to the roof must be securely tied to the actual structure of the building, not just the roofing membranes. This requirement aims to prevent rooftop objects from becoming dislodged during extreme weather events and potentially posing a hazard by flying off the roof.  We have installed hundreds of these curbs and have developed systems/manuals that we provide to the A/C contractors we work with to ensure a seamless process.  When you work with us you can be confident that your curbs will be in the right location the first time and will always pass inspection.

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