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3D Lidar Scanning

Our commitment to providing our customers with superior service and streamlining our processes and procedures led us to purchase a FARO S70 3D Scanner.  Implementing 3D scanning into our design/CAD workflow allows us to eliminate the errors that often occur when manually taking measurements on site with a tape measure. Our draftsmen never have to return to a job site to pull a measurement they forgot to take or second guess a dimension they wrote down as they have fully scalable 3d models of the space accurate to .005 mm.  We believe that our customers can also find value in this capability so we also offer scanning as a service all over the state of Fl.

3D Scanning Service Options

We provide 3D scanning services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our aim is to furnish you with the essential data necessary to optimize your designs and projects. When integrated into your design and engineering process, 3D scanning becomes an invaluable tool, effectively minimizing errors and reducing the iterations needed to reach a final product. This technology also empowers you to present your customers with shop drawings and renderings that overlay your designs onto site conditions. This capability also allows you to visualize the final product within the actual site conditions, providing a clear preview of the project's final appearance. 


We can scan an environment and provide you with the RAW Scan data.

Spatial Models

We can provide scan registration and 3D models based on the scans.

Full Design

We can scan, register, and generate full designs for you. 

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