MFAB manufactures handrail for commercial, industrial and residential customers. We have standard aluminum, stainless steel and mild steel handrail and guardrail options for our customers to choose from. MFAB quotes and bills rails on a per lineal foot basis.

If you are interested in having MFAB build a rail for you we recommend finding a style you like from our gallery, measuring the total linear footage your project requires, and submitting a webform quote request with your project info.

If you don't find a railing from our selection we do offer CAD design services to help you create your custom handrail!


We have seen numerous metal stairs in central Florida that are old and rusty that are in desperate need of repair or replacement. We can help!​

We recommend aluminum stairs and rails for exterior staircases (if possible) because aluminum does not rust. If you are doing property maintenance, send us pictures of the stairs that need repair or replacement. If you have a new construction project, submit a quote request through our webform and attach your architectural prints to the attachments section.

Prior to building and installing metal stairs, we always take site measurements and create shop drawings for our customers' approval!



We say light structural because we DO NOT do steel erection. If you are a GC or mechanical contractor doing a renovation and you're adding or moving RTUs, we will install the curb steel for you and add any banjoist reinforcement necessary.

If you're a custom home builder and you need a steel beam with posts installed for your customers open concept, we can fabricate and install this beam for you.  If your steel erectors forgot or mislocated the RTU steel, we will come out and fix the problem.

We offer turnkey metal fabrication and mobile welding services for our commercial customers' and are willing to take on your small projects. If you have any questions about a project doesn't hesitate to give us a call!​



We build dumpster gates and ornamental gates from aluminum and steel. If you have a custom design that you don't see in our gallery we suggest finding a picture online and sending us a sketch with dimensions of what you're looking for!

We can recommend hinges for swing gates. If you have a rolling gate we recommend you reach out to a gate installation specialist -- we can make referrals if you need a contact!

We install all of our dumpster gates and swing gates in-house! Give us a call for a free quote!



Ramping up production is most challenging when transitioning from a finalized prototype to small to medium batch manufacturing. At MFAB we are nimble enough to build tens of units  to order while you ramp up sales and marketing. Larger shops have minimum quantities, standing orders and an overall lack of flexibility that makes it tough to ramp up! They do this out of necessity given the nature of operating a large facility.


MFAB is a great fit for overflow production work, a grow together small production operation, or for companies that experience tremendous growth and need a stop gap between prototype and manufacturing at scale. Submit a webform with your prints and quantities that you would like quoted!  



Demolition equipment breaks. We can fix it. We bill based on time and our shop manager will keep you updated on progress and hours spent on your project. We recommend bringing your damaged items to our facility for the best rates on demo equipment repair. Excavation bucket repair, dumpster repair, and line boring are services we can provide you and your company. Give us a call!

If you have a staircase or handrails that are rusted out and you need to fix them to mitigate liability MFAB can help. We refer to this type of work as rust remediation. Long term the best value service MFAB can provide is replacement, but we understand that sometimes you need a short term stop gap. We bill this work based on how long it  takes for us to perform the job as well!



MFAB offers in-house CNC plasma cutting and in house CNC Bending. For projects that require a different specialty piece of equipment, MFAB will reach out to it's local vendors for laser cutting, machining, or bending to still offer customers a one stop shop experience.

We have a JD Squared 5x10 plasma table that can cut 1-1/4" steel plate with a 105 amp cut torch.